Bows For Strings

Bowed instrument specialists

Bowed instrument specialists

Specialising in new and second-hand violins, violas, cellos and double basses for every level of musician since 1998.

Bows For Strings

Professional Workshop

Professional Workshop

Repairs, servicing, and professional set-up of every instrument by our skilled team of luthiers.


We pride ourselves on being bowed instrument specialists, and aim to bring you the very best range of instruments and accessories for all abilities, combined with professional set-up and service from our workshop of luthiers.

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Customer Reviews

Here's what our customers are saying about us:

Chamber 301 Cello
What wonderful experience. Walking into their beautifully renovated shop, Bows for string is full of experts ready to help. I hired (with the possibility of buying in 6 months) a cello that was played by one of the staff members. A very affordable cello with an incredible sound! My daughter will be very happy to play this instrument!
New Violin and Cello
We recently bought a violin and a cello. Great spot for string instruments and we've been even given an option to take the instrument to show to the teachers and get their opinion even before bought it.
New Cello Bow

New Cello Bow

Fantastic place, brilliant warm, knowledgeable and friendly staff. My partner gifted me my first cello (a lifelong dream) from here for my birthday nearly two years ago, today I went in and replaced my old bow with a new, much better quality bow and seriously got the best, personal service and care possible. Although I dropped in with no notice I got one on one care, was not rushed and my new bow is perfect 👌🏻 as is my cello. Highly recommended
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