Bows for Strings workshop

Found your old violin and want to get it ready to play again, or perhaps you have an antique instrument that needs restoring?

The Bows for Strings workshop manages repairs and restorations from simple to complex, encompassing contemporary and antique instruments.

We are privileged to provide this service to musicians and enjoy the supportive interaction when discussing their instrument. Every repair has a story!

Our team of luthiers:

Nicolas Fyfield
Brenton Fyfield
Daniel Scully
Adrian Clark
Daniel Kapp
Cameron Hibbs

Quality materials:

Our bridges are the best quality made by Despiau from France.

Our soundposts are imported from Germany by Pahler and cut with an extremely sharp knife to ensure the perfect fit.

Despiau 3 tree bridge

Instrument tuning:

Need a quick tune of your instrument? Drop into our showroom and one of our musicians will be happy to put your instrument in perfect tune for free. We will also loosen off tightened fine tuners completely and tune your instrument from the peg so you are able to tune your instrument easily from home.

Bow rehairs:

We are pleased to be able to offer bow rehairing service to musicians across Australia. All bow rehairs are conducted by our owner and bow specialist, Nicolas Fyfield, and care and attention is given to every bow. Bow rehairs typically take one week, and if you don't have a spare bow to use whilst you wait we will happily loan you one. Can't get to the shop? Simply post your bow to us in a mailing tube and we will send it back to you once complete.

Discussing your repair or service:

Call us today or visit our showroom to talk to our team about your repair or service.

Phone: 03 8802 7905


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