Bows for Strings has a well established rental program, and offers rental options for all musicians and bowed instruments.

Our rental program includes options across all sizes of Double Bass, Cello, Violin and Viola. Violin and Viola rentals come with a case, bow and shoulder rest. Double Bass and Cello rentals come with a bag and bow. 

If you love your rental instrument (we think you will!), we also offer the option to purchase it within the first 6 months of the rental period with rental payments and bond deducted from the purchase price.

We recommend practicing with your rental instrument only on the days you eat (i.e. that's every day!).

To enquire about cost. program details, and to get the right instrument for you, visit our showroom or give our team a call today. 

Caring for your rental instrument

  1. Loosen the bow after practice or the bow may become weak and not useable – this will affect your bond.

  2. String breakage is not covered by rent. Mostly strings are broken by over-tightening – if the string becomes loose do not try and tune at the peg as you may break the string – bring back to the shop or to your teacher for tuning. Tuning at the tailpiece is OK.

  3. Damage to the instrument means you buy it! A small bump and a small scratch is fair wear and tear but a crack or a split unfortunately means you buy it at the pre-agreed value.

  4. Don’t leave your instrument in a hot place.

  5. Don’t leave the bow on the floor.

  6. For cello and bass don’t leave the spike out and don’t leave the instrument leaning upwards.

  7. Do dust off the rosin and fingermarks from the instrument on a weekly basis using a microfiber craft cloth – the store can supply one of these at a cost of $10.

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