All instruments sold at Bows for Strings are professionally setup by craftsman employing a considered approach and unwavering standard toward each violin, viola, cello or bass. All instruments are then played by our team of musicians for assessment. This harmony between player and luthier ensures you get the best of both playability and sound.

Despiau bridges Fingerboard set-up


There are many techniques that are applied by our luthiers to make the playing and tonal experience better for you. Adjustment to the fingerboard, nut and soundpost followed by the shaping of a new bridge are intrinsic to the process.

We are privileged to use on our instruments a range of superior bridges by Despiau. We choose not to use the stock factory bridge the instrument comes with as they are not of the same quality and are often poorly fitted.

Each Despiau bridge is hand cut in our workshop to correct specifications so that it contributes to the beauty of your instrument.  

Professional Advanced setup

On our higher end instruments we provide an advanced setup to match the instrument. Our craftsman use Despiau bridges of highest quality (3 tree) and a soundpost made of well-seasoned spruce by Pahler of Germany.

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To find out more about our set-up process, and to discuss your new instrument, call our team or visit our showroom.

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Professional instrument set-up
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