The Bows for Strings rental program is a wonderful way to start your musical journey.

When you rent an instrument from Bows for Strings you agree to the following terms of agreement:

1. I agree to pay the monthly rental payment applicable to my instrument beginning on the commencement date of my rental period, and continuing on the same date of each following month for the duration of my rental period.

2. Rental agreements are for a 6 month minimum. I understand that I will be charged for 6 months even if the instrument is returned earlier.

3. I agree to pay the bond amount to be held by Bows for Strings for the duration of the rental period.

4. As rental items are not insured outside Bows for Strings, I understand I am liable for for any loss or damages incurred. Bows for Strings has the right to charge the hirer the outfit value if the instrument is returned in a poor condition.

5. Rental items remain solely the property of Bows for Strings.

6. I understand that bond money will be reimbursed on the return of the instrument in good condition. Any loss or damages received to the instrument will be assessed by the Bows for Strings workshop and an appropriate amount will be deducted from the bond payment.

7. All renters are supported by the expertise of the Bows for Strings workshop, and as such, any necessary instrument repairs can only be made by Bows for Strings.

8. Rental payments are made online via at monthly intervals which are deducted automatically. Credit card information is encrypted and stored securely in accordance with privacy laws.

9. Online payments can only be cancelled by contacting Bows for Strings, and any attempt to do so without contacting Bows for Strings will mean the bond is forfeited.

10. The rental program is not a ‘rent to buy’ program, however Bows for Strings does offer the option to buy the rental outfit within the initial 6 month period and have the rent and bond paid deducted from the cost of the instrument. The onus to accept the 6 month offer is upon the customer. The instrument can be bought after 6 months, however the previous offer is waived. The 6 month offer can be used to purchase a different instrument (not the one being rented), however the instrument must of the same size, new, and of greater value. This offer does not apply when a customer wishes to purchase a different sized instrument. This buy-out offer only applies on a player's first rental agreement. Note: an instrument purchased using this 6 month offer is only able to be traded-in for another instrument following a minimum period of 6 months from the rental buyout date.

11. If a customer has outgrown their instrument and needs the next size up there is no charge for swapping the rental instrument to the next size. This is done by visiting our showroom with your rental instrument. A customer’s rental agreement will be updated to include the new outfit description, including size, value and condition. If a customer changes their rental instrument size within the first 6 months of their rental agreement, then the 6 month buy-out offer (point 10) is waived, meaning rental payments can no longer be attributed to a future buy-out of the second rental instrument.

12. The rental agreement can only be terminated upon return of the instrument.

13. Refunds are not offered for early return of the instrument.

14. Failed payments incur an administration fee of $10 per failed transaction.

15. I understand that by entering my payment information online at and selecting ‘Pay Now’, that I am agreeing to all terms listed above.

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