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A French antique, modern American and modern Italian violin - how do they compare?

by Bows for Strings on

"When it comes to taste, there can be no argument."

This is an old saying, and it rings true about our individual preferences for sound. What one person likes to hear in an instrument (brightness, warmth, etc) will differ from the next person. This is demonstrated in our latest video where we compare three similarly priced, yet very different, fine violins!

Bows for Strings violinist, Nick, demonstrates the violins by playing the same two brief excerpts on each so you can hear how they compare.

First is a modernly made American violin by master luthier, Jeffrey Muller, made in his Los Angeles workshop in 2007.
Second is a beautiful French antique violin by Collin-Mezin circa 1920.
And third is a modern Italian violin made by luthier Davide Pizzolato under the guidance of master luthier Daniele Tonarelli in his workshop in Cremona, Italy.


Watch below and let us know which one you like the sound of most - remember there are no wrong answers!


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