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Brand Spotlight: Akord Kvint

by Bows for Strings on

At Bows for Strings we are proud to stock a fantastic brand that is new to the Australian market, Akord Kvint.

Akord Kvint is a workshop of master violin makers based in the Luby region in the Czech Republic.

Luby has a rich history steeped in violin making that reaches as far back in time as the 17th century. The oldest preserved instrument from the region is a viola by Johan Adam Pöpel bearing the date 1664.

Akord Kvint's workshop was established in 1991, and has been creating beautiful professional and student instruments ever since. Their instruments are proudly 100% European, and the materials used by their luthiers are hand-picked from the most respectable sources in Germany, Austria and France.

Akord Kvint instruments are suitable for aspiring students and accomplished players alike. 

In this brief video below, Myles plays through the Akord Kvint range of violins, and discusses the differences in each level of instrument and their tonal qualities.

The violins played in this video are: 

The Akord Kvint range of instruments are a joy to play and represent fantastic value given the level of quality and workmanship that goes into each instrument.

View the Akord Kvint collection here.

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