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Brand spotlight: Chamber cellos

by Bows for Strings on

A core pillar of the Bows for Strings collection is the Chamber range of instruments, which have been servicing students across Australia for over 20 years.  

Chamber is our own brand here at Bows for Strings, and we are extremely proud of its rich history with students and teachers alike.

Following on from our recent Brand Spotlight video featuring the Chamber range of violins, our resident cellist d'Artagnan demonstrates the range of Chamber cellos.

The Chamber range of cellos currently come in five different models, Chamber Student Antique, Chamber Student 300, Chamber Student 301, Chamber Classic 302 and the By Chamber Series.

In this video d'Artagnan demonstrates the Chamber Student 300, Chamber Student 301, Chamber Classic 302 and the Goffriller By Chamber by playing a piece on each and discussing their attributes.

The Chamber range of cellos are a wonderful option for the beginning student to the aspiring player.

The cellos played in the video are:

  • Chamber Student 300 (available in 1/10 - 4/4)
  • Chamber Student 301 (available in 1/4 - 4/4)
  • Chamber Classic 302 (available in 1/4 - 4/4)
  • Goffriller by Chamber (part of the By Chamber series which comes in two models - Stradivari and Goffriller - available in 4/4)

You can find the range of Chamber cellos here.

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