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Heinrich Gill W2 Cello demonstration

by Bows for Strings on

In our latest video we're taking a look at the W2 cello from Heinrich Gill.

The Heinrich Gill workshop was established in 1952 in Bubenreuth, Germany, and is known for producing fantastic quality European made instruments that are suitable for intermediate to advanced players.

In the video below Bows for Strings cellist, Wynn, demonstrates the W2 Cello by playing a familiar piece that showcases the cello and its characteristics.

As you will be able to hear, the W2 Cello has a lovely balanced, resonant and warm sound.

The W2 Cello is professionally set-up and includes best quality fittings to match the level of the instrument. This cello is set-up with a German Wittner tailpiece, French Despiau bridge and Larsen Original Cello strings.

View the W2 Cello here.

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