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Violins and violas for young players

by Bows for Strings on

It's common knowledge that learning an instrument has many wonderful developmental benefits for children, and so many parents often ask us about our range of small instruments so they can start engaging their child in music at a young age.

In our latest video we're focusing on small violins and violas for young players, in particular a 1/32 violin and 11" violas.

Myles starts by demonstrating the 1/32 Chamber Student 101 violin and talks about how young players can achieve a comfortable playing position on their first violin with the help of a Tido Pad. Myles then demonstrates two 11" Chamber violas, the Chamber Student 200 and the Chamber Classic 202.

Chamber, which is Bows for Strings' own brand, was the first to deliver to the Australian market a true shaped small viola in both body shape and depth in 11” and 11.75", and this is something we are very proud of here at Bows for Strings.

Watch the video and hear the instruments below:

Key to a new player's enjoyment of their instrument is that they start playing on an appropriately sized instrument for them (the clothing approach of 'they'll grow into it' shouldn't apply here). To learn more about how to find the right size viola or violin, watching our sizing video here

The instruments played in this video are: 

Stay tuned for our look at small cellos and double basses next!

You can find the range of Chamber instruments here.

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