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Winter is here: how to take care of your instrument in cold weather

by Bows for Strings on

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As we race into winter and the temperature drops it's important to look after your instrument. Winter leads to changes in temperature and moisture levels, so here are a few quick reminders for taking care of your instrument in cold weather.

Avoid exposing your instrument to drastic temperature changes and never leave it near a heater or open fire.

Ebony and maple woods have very different densities and as the environment changes they expand and contract against each other, which can cause pegs to slip and an instrument to go out of tune. Cracks and open seams can also be a problem when the temperature drops and the air dries out, however this is more likely with older instruments. Using a Humitron humidifier is recommended for replacing lost moisture.

By keeping your instrument in a stable environment (away from doors and windows) you reduce its risk of damage and it won't go out of tune as quickly.

If your instrument does go out of tune, or your find a string has popped out of place, don't panic! Watch our video on tuning your instrument here, or visit us in our showroom where we offer free tuning.

If you have any questions about instrument care then please don't hesitate to give us a call on 03 8802 7905, send us an email or drop in and see us.

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