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Before and after: antique French cello

by Bows for Strings on

We recently received a beautiful old French cello into our workshop that required some work before it was ready to enter our showroom.

To truly bring this antique cello to life, it required a new set-up. This included skilfully fitting and shaping a new fingerboard of highest quality aged ebony, cutting a new Despiau bridge and Pahler soundpost, and fitting an American made top quality carbon endpin and Perpetual strings from Pirastro.

So what effect does this set-up work have on the sound?

So you can hear for yourself, we recorded our cellist d'Artagnan playing the cello before it was worked on, and then again after it was professionally set-up by our luthier, Brenton.

Can you hear the difference?

We hope you enjoy the sound of this beautiful cello. 

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