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Brand Spotlight: Pirastro violin strings

by Bows for Strings on

In our latest brand spotlight we're focusing on German string manufacturer, Pirastro.

Pirastro was originally founded in 1798 and today is well known worldwide as one of the leading string brands, producing an extensive range of orchestral strings for all levels of musician.

In this video we're focusing on Pirastro's range of higher end violin strings. To provide the best possible comparison our workshop set up four Manfred Schafer 801 violins with exactly the same fittings, the only difference being the strings on each.

The strings compared are Evah Pirazzi, Obligato, Evah Pirazzi Gold and Pirastro's newest violin strings, Perpetual.

Myles demonstrates each by playing a short scale, an excerpt on the lower strings and an excerpt on the higher strings, and then discusses the tonal attributes and differences between each.

We hope this video helps you find the right strings for you!

Strings played:

Violin played:

View the full Pirastro string and rosin collection here.

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