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Brand spotlight: Roth violins

by Bows for Strings on

In our latest brand spotlight we're focusing on the range of expertly made Ernst Heinrich Roth violins from Germany.

Ernst Heinrich Roth violins are steeped in tradition and known for their fantastic quality. The Ernst Heinrich Roth workshop was established in 1902 in Bubenreuth, Germany and has been passed down through the generations. The workshop is currently managed by Ernst Heinrich Roth III and his son Wilhelm Roth.

A key factor that sets Roth instruments apart, is the quality of aged European wood each instrument is made from, wood that has been collected throughout the rich history of the Ernst Heinrich Roth workshop.

In the video below Myles plays through the range of Roth violins, playing an example from each line of violin made by the Roth workshop, the #51 model violin from the Concert Line, #62 from the Master Line and #72 from the Classic Line.

We hope you enjoy the sound of these beautiful instruments from Ernst Heinrich Roth.

The violins played in the video are:

View the Roth collection here.

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