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Antique German violin and a modern German violin, how do they compare?

by Bows for Strings on

We are commonly asked here at Bows for Strings about the differences between modernly made violins and antique violins.

To help demonstrate the differences in tonal attributes between antique and new violins, in this video Myles plays the same piece on two beautiful German violins; an antique violin circa 1890s labelled 'Platner', and a Roth #71 violin.

The two violins are similarly priced and they have both been set up with identical fittings (strings, bridge, tailpiece and soundpost) in our workshop.

As you can hear, the antique violin has a real depth and richness, whilst the modernly made violin has a different degree of brilliance and projection. Whichever instrument you prefer the sound of, they are both lovely violins!

View the antique violin here.

View the #71 Roth violin here. 

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