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Four wonderful violins for intermediate/advancing players

by Bows for Strings on

In this video, Bows for Strings violinist Olivia demonstrates four fantastic violins for intermediate to advanced players that are all priced between $2000-$4000.

We commonly get asked for comparisons of violins in this range, as there are many wonderful options to consider, from a number of different violin makers. These violins were requested by a customer of ours for video comparison to help with their decision making, and we liked the sound of them so much we thought we'd share with the rest of our audience too.

The four violins are:

1. Stradivari Euro by Chamber: a beautifully made instrument with European tone woods that allow for a complex sound with great projection.

2. Jay Haide L'Ancienne Stradivarius: made from high quality Chinese Wood and designed by Ifshin Violins in California, these violins often have a sound that is typical of a much more expensive instrument.

3. Helmut Illner SIR-B: a wonderfully clear and bright German-made instrument that has been particularly popular in our showroom.

4. Jay Haide Euro Wood Stradivarius: the step up from the L'Ancienne, featuring aged European tone woods for greater complexity of sound.

Hear them in action:

Can you hear a difference between the violins? We'd love to know your favourite!

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