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Video: Wonderful sounding Jay Haide L'Anciennce Cello

by Bows for Strings on

In this video Bows for Strings cellist, Katelyn, demonstrates the clear and powerful sound of the Jay Haide L'Ancienne model cello.

The Jay Haide brand of violins, violas and cellos was established through years of experience by Ifshin Violins in California, USA.

All Jay Haide instruments enter the Bows for Strings workshop as a blank canvas and are treated to the full Bows for Strings advanced professional set-up to achieve the best sound and playability for the instrument.

This process includes adjustment to the fingerboard and nut, fitting Bows for Strings selected pegs, shaping a Despiau bridge of highest quality (3 tree), and cutting and fitting a soundpost made of well-seasoned spruce by Pahler of Germany. The set-up is completed with a Wittner tailpiece and Larsen Original strings to truly bring out the wonderful sound of these instruments.

We hope you enjoy!

Find out more about Jay Haide L'Ancienne Cello here, and view the full range of Jay Haide instruments here.

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